Sunday, June 14, 2009

Random Thoughts at Graduation

Today was a bittersweet day as a teacher. Kids that I helped start my current school in August 2006 passed out of my life and into their own. I have sat through many a graduation over the last decade of teaching. They are all about the same, but with this class I feel like we had a shared experience of being the new kids on the block and finding our way to build a high school from the ground up under what were at times very difficult and challenging.

As a Senior homeroom teacher I had to sit on the stage in full academic regalia as well as hand out my homeroom diplomas. As I sat there I did have some random thoughts on the day... funny, bittersweet, it all comes with the job.

- damn it's hot under these lights, wonder if I should have worn a tube top and daisy dukes under my masters robe?

- New Million Dollar Convention center my ass this place looks like a Costo Warehouse. I am waiting on someone to come over the loudspeaker and say, "need a price check on the value pack of Trojans."

- Really, we have to go out to the parking deck to actually give the kids their diplomas, as the District graduations are planned back to back... classy

- Who's choice was it to wear bright purple robes. Grimace or Telletubbies, most unflattering.

- Was there a requirement that all graduating ladies had to wear stripper heels?

- Check... taught him... check... taught her... hell did I teach this entire graduating class Civics their Sophomore year? They better vote!

- I almost didn't recognize the PE department with out bad polyester too tight coaches shorts and a smell that resembles only the joy a gym coach knows

- Oh look theres my old principal who is now in Central Office. God why did I leave a good thing?

- Nice touch blowing an air horn as your child walks across the stage, but I got you beat. At my high school graduation in South Carolina (insert your own joke here), someone showed up with a giant cow bell they ran continuously. Yes, I will so be required to wear a Scooby Doo T-shirt at Harvard this summer to identify me as a product of this State education system and to not let others mingle with me for fear of ricket contamination.

- Another year down. I am beyond sad that this was not my graduation day from a career that I am ready to leave. But, what hopefully a final graduating ceremony to attend. I really and truly loved some of these kids while I had them in my classroom. I couldn't help but wonder what Bennett Davis Vinson as well as his siblings will be doing once they walk across the stage. Hopefully making me proud.

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