Thursday, May 1, 2014

April Wrap Up

There is a point each spring where it seems that everything is in bloom at the same time. I love April not only because Ian was born in 2010 on April 14th, but also for the sense of rebirth that comes as longer spring days replace cold, dark winter days.

In April I/we

- Enjoyed a much needed Spring break with trips to the beach and to visit Grandmommy in Atlanta
- Read 3 books, including the amazing nearly 700 page Command and Control by Eric Scholsser.  Why not for everyone, this is nonfiction writing and investigation at its best.  On the flip side, I am breaking up with Aimee Bender after a short story collection and a fiction novel (both read in April.) There has to be a post on why I just can't spend any more time with her writing.  When you morph one of your characters into a chair, you have crossed the line to Crazytown.
- Finalized summer travel plans/flights/hotels for teacher seminars times two.  Can we say 17 child-free days in July?
- Finalized summer camp/care for the boys.  Once again, I'm working my budget like a boss.
- Began spring cleaning including finishing up the garage with super organization of all things that roll
- Mini-freeze ahead session replenishing with 12 main course meals to get me to the end of the school year
-Got caught up on Mad Men.  The final season is set in 1968.  Heaven is one of my favorite years in American history through the lens of key characters Don, Peggy, Joan, and Roger.  Watch it for the fashion if for nothing else!

As we head into May, primo porch sitting month, I leave you with two favorite pictures from April.

Awaiting spring as one of the bushes outside my front porch kicks winter to the curb

Sweetness times two (also loudness times two, dirty/smelly times two, arguing times two)

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Ms Mae said...

What a great picture of your boys. I just took out my second to last freezer meal and realized I REALLY need to plan a day to replenish our stock. I find it harder to do in the summer when all I want to do is grill.