Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A (really late) long weekend roundup


I'm putting off writing a final exam tonight to post something seemed a good use of time.

Also, tomorrow I'm chaperoning the 2nd graders on their annual field trip to the zoo.  I'm excited, but also already tired. I'm punting on nighttime plans as the phrase, "wake me when it's time to go to work on Friday is already looking good."  This is a rescheduled trip from earlier in the month when we had, you guessed it, more weather delays.  I'm very grateful that among days filled with End of Grade testing that the school allowed the trip to go on.

I would have SO much rather been sitting on a beach or a river but I'll take the following, this was my starting point on Friday afternoon, research papers a plenty!

Saturday- took my boys plus two more kids to let my friend with husband with recent surgery get some child free time in post extended family leaving.  The kids did so well playing in the pool (because what kid doesn't love a pool) that I texted her and said PLEASE don't come back soon, please take a nap.

Saturday night- Bill took the boys camping.  This was a first for Ian.  Sat night went well, but Sunday morning, like at 6 am involved lots and lots of fighting.  So everyone came home early. Obviously the below picture was the BEFORE, not the AFTER.

What did mom do with all that glorious time?  Had coffee with a friend, picked up dinner, and sludged on through the 60+ public policy research papers that came in Friday. Never fear, there were some funny moments like this one:

I wish I could say that this was a spellcheck anomaly, but alas there was cursing and the phrase, "sack up and get a new fight as a closing line."  This student needs a post graduation plan that involves comedy writing.

Sunday I went to church by myself, took Ben to a birthday party, and then we hosted friends over for a holiday weekend grill out.  We again hit the pool and between four kids and four very tired parents were relieved when they all crashed watching Frozen.

Memorial Day- I took the boys solo to a favorite place, Durham Science and Life.  I intended to be there at opening and stay 'till lunch.  I did make it to opening, but stayed until two hours before closing.  We loved a new exhibit call Build it Bamboo.  I SO LOVE this place and never, ever get tired of going.  There is always something new to do!

By Monday night I finished up the last of the research papers in addition to a fiction book I had been reading on all weekend.  Between the two I think I read over 1000 pages of something in the last week.

A busy but also good weekend as this is an equally busy short week.

I think I can, I think I can.. make it to the end of the school year! 

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