Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tornadoes by Ben, age 7 3/4

"I'm going to line up all my favorite stuffed animals to keep them safe from the tornadoes"

-Ben, age almost 8

When Ben told me this last night I swooned at his sweetness.  He had been very scared about the impending bad weather at school yesterday.  While we were doing homework, we talked about how they recently practiced for severe weather. I reminded him that if he was at school that he needed to listen to his teacher and follow her directions if they needed to take cover. I told him that the teachers and Principal knew the safest places to be in the school.  We talked about how school buildings are made of strong materials and while it was ok and totally understandable to be scared, that I felt he would be safe at school.  We talked about where we would go in our own house if we were at home and we needed to take cover. His one question?, "how many of my animals can I take with me? I'll leave some behind to take care of the other toys?"

It was the 4 year old that was crying around 4:45 this morning as a round of heavy storms and lighting moved into the area.  I also assured him as I laid with him that he would be ok and was safe.  Luckily he fell back asleep and I got up to get ready for work knowing that the drive in would likely need an ark.

Good thoughts to those already impacted by this large storm and those in it's way.

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