Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Funny

Pardon me while I dig out over the weekend from grading 60+ public policy research papers.  Seeing into my crystal ball, aka..going into a holiday weekend I offered extra points for students who turned in early.  As of last night twenty-one papers already turned in and graded.  The rest will be graded over the weekend returned Tuesday in time for four days of presentations and lots of candy eating to burn out the last week before exams.

I DID convince Bill to take the boys camping (Ian too!) Saturday night so I can grade in a quiet house over some take-out and drinky-drink.  The plan is to finish up and porch sit with something I want to read in the form of a good book or go see God's Pocket (Christina Hendricks of Mad Men and one of Phil Hoffman's last movies.)  So far we are 1 for 1 in papers submitted on income tax reform and farm subsidies.  I GAVE them the opportunity to pick their own topic and someone picked FARM SUBSIDIES!

I normally don't read or repost/forward whatever friends intend me to do with all the mindless crap they post  (Yes, I'm looking at you people that post quiz results like "what kind of house are you?" how about the one you bought?) Or those friends that feel the need to post pictures of 1/2 naked pictures of their kids, the food they are about to eat, their feet, or snarky e-cards)  BUT...

My friend and also mother to boys posted this the other day and man o man was I about dying. EVERY.SINGLE.THING is true... down to the asking "why are you wiping boogers on your wall?"

ahem.. Ben?

If it takes a villiage to raise a child, that same villiage is needed to help us scrub pee off our floors and convince us that our sons will make it to voting age with all bones in tact.

*good decision making optional*

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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