Monday, May 5, 2014


It was beautiful weekend, filled with sun drenched, non-humid days.  There was a moment when I was walking the dog both days that I looked up through the trees filtering the sunlight and thought this is a little piece of Heaven in total perfectness.

Friday I left work in time to go the gym to run laps and do TRX strength training.  I picked up the dog and headed to take Ben to his soccer practice.  I am loving doing double duty to get the dog walked while watching Ben practicing from the sidelines.  Ben is loving playing goalie for part of each practice and game.

Saturday we had a soccer game for Ben and Little Kickers practice for Ian all before lunch.  I took the kids for much needed haircuts then Bill took the boys to Free Comic Book Day while I graded the first of three master's portfolios I'm on contract to grade. Can we say watching someone else's teaching video and reading the close to 65 pages of commentary and unit/plans makes me feel very sorry for the poor schmuck who had to watch/read mine!

Saturday night Ben's soccer team had a parents vs kids scrimmage and pizza potluck.  Bill totally busted falling on the ground within the first ten minutes and jammed his thumb.  Can we say a man cold for the same injury Ian would have shaken off and kept going.   It was a fun night and once again I'm very thankful for the acceptance of the other families accepting Ben as a new player this season.  Ian and hung out at the nearby playground where mom got stuck in this play tube thing.  Can we say embarrassing to have your 4 year old yelling,  "my mom's stuck" at the top of his lungs for all to hear?

Sunday I took the boys to early church then picked up Bill to head to the State Farmer's Market Restaurant.  There is something awesome about biscuits and hush puppies that works magic over two fighting boys.  Maybe it was their mouths were stuffed full of Southern goodness to not fight for a blessed 30 minutes.

I only picked up ferns from my favorite nursery as I need some time to plan out what I want to plant based on past success/failures.  I'll be back again later in the month to buy my bigger haul.  I will say thought, that walking among rows and rows of plants, my head started planning containers I could combine with colors and textures.

Once home, I scrubbed down the back screened-in porch and powerwashed all the slats and floors along with the cushions in anticipation for primo porch sitting.  I only managed to finish the back porch and deck, but they will be perfect for enjoying a dinner on the grill later tonight.

Lastly, on Sunday I took the boys along with another 2nd grade year old friend we've known since Ben was 6 weeks old to KidJam at our church.  Basically it's a big outdoor festival with bouncers (including the ill placed one behind Ben's head), games, food trucks, giant hamster balls, and oh yes...

Ian's million dollar arm that knocked out the bullseye.

Somewhere in there were typical weekend chores and the usual refereeing of children, but I am loving some beautiful spring weather giving me any and all reasons to be outside.

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