Friday, May 9, 2014

May Love List- Mother's Day

Happy early mother's day!  For the first time ever I managed to purchase a giftcard after checking my mother in law's Amazon wishlist, bought my standard, "from your son and daughter in law" card, got Bill's signature, managed to make with paint and evil school supply glitter a card from the boys, AND managed to mail it all in time to arrive before mother's day for my mother in law.

I would like to say I'm rockin' this mothering thing, but at least one night this week we ate cereal for dinner and I got latest pick up award almost every day this week for both schools.  End of the year = accelerated

I asked the boys what they wanted to put on their cards and Ben said, "we should send her real flowers glued on with glitter."  We settled for the standard kid friendly handprint flowers (with glitter.)  As far as our plans for the weekend, it includes more soccer, a friend's 40th birthday celebration, finishing reading and grading the remaining master's portfolios I'm on contract to finish by Monday. Also on tap is renting out the patio of a local restaurant to run a last ditch review on Saturday for my AP Gov't student's upcoming test next week. I'm trying hard to make Sunday a play and have fun day without obligation.  

I purchased tickets to the Duke Lemur Center for a tour on Mother's Day.  I'm not sure that Hallmark has a special "woodland animal lover" card section, but if so, it calls Bill to partake.  I wanted to come up with a event to enjoy the day and one that Bill would actively want to participate in doing as a family.  We are meeting up with Durham friends before for a picnic outside since the weather is predicted nice.

Earlier in the week I saw the Raleigh-Durham 2014 Listen To Your Mother show.  I asked several friends if they wanted to join me, and when I looked as if I was going solo, I thought about bailing. But then I thought of how good last year's show had been and struck out on my own.  Like last year I laughed, I brushed back tears, I was amazed at the writing and performance of each story.  I'm not sure if last year they included a quote from each of the entries on the back of the program, but I loved this addition for 2014.

Happy mother's day to you.  May this weekend, as well as everyday, find you spending it doing what makes your heart full.  I'm so very thankful that I'm mom to my almost eight year old Ben.

and a crazy active 4 year old Ian

and for the 36 years I called her mom

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LauraC said...

happy happy mother's day to you! Looking forward to hanging out on Saturday night to celebrate Jen!