Thursday, May 22, 2014

Take a lesson from your elders

It is Senior week at my school.  Yesterday was "Seniors as Seniors day." With their permission to post online, I was just about dying laughing with two of my students showed up dressed like this-

I swear the one in the blue suit looks like every person over 60 I went to church with in SC, down to the Palmetto lapel pin she was wearing.  I asked if they had ever seen "the Golden Girls" and of course their spring chicken-selves had not.

Earlier in the week there was an announcement from our school administration that any and all Senior pranks would not be tolerated and could result in one of two things:  police action or denial of graduation.

uh... can we get a cheer of "Donna Martin Graduates" about now

After polling my seniors I got the skinny on the many "plans" that were now kiboshed.

1. Filling a dump truck up with water and jumping from the 3rd floor windows.  Uh... physics people, unless you seal the truck bed are you going to be replenishing the water as fast as it leaks?  Cost?  Water source?

2. Laying down in the cafeteria and refusing to go to class.  Yes, nothing says "how can I get hepatitis (not really) like laying down on a school floor, esp one where food is served.  Actually my standing joke not to lay on my classroom floor is "are you looking to get hepatitis?, then get up"

3. Tailgate in which they hired local restaurant Cook Out to grill out in the parking lot

4.Riding their middle school bikes from the local Walmart 1/4 mile away and taking up the one and only road into school (this I have to admit was a good prank)

I reminded them that while nothing is worth risking not graduating, I was sorry that none of their plans came to fruition.  I did also happen to leave this picture on my projector this morning when they came in and then played totally dumb when they asked what was up with people jumping off a bridge.

My answer?  "You Seniors need to take a lesson from your elders. If you are going to Go Big, you gotta go off campus.  Hwy 11 bridge in upstate SC is a good place to start."

Not the smartest of all decisions I'll admit.  But when you are 18 and think you own the world, some memories are just this side of epic.

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