Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Weekend Roundup

Yes, on Tuesday.  Good intentions are often met with days filled with work, late meetings, make up soccer games, making dinner, cleaning up, taking out trash, making lunches, and walking dogs.  Yep, sounds like every working parent I know!. Come kids in bed you are falling asleep in the 30 minutes you have before needing to go to bed yourself.

This could have been named, the weekend when we realize what being over scheduled means for our family. Actually, I would contend that I think we do a decent job during the school year balancing out kids activities, school/daycare, commuting, and duel income jobs.  As much as it would be nice for them to play overlapping sports or be on a neighborhood swim league, doing one thing at a time is about all I can handle during the school year.  When I think back to how my mom juggled working full time as a daycare director and teaching piano 20-25 hours each week AND made sure that Brian and I had the opportunity for after school activities, it was only because of my grandparents.

In the early 80s my grandparents, Ben and Mary-Hall Jobe, moved from Florida where they had retired after a 30 year run as a high school English teacher and department store owner in Paris, TN. After a hurricane had destroyed their condo.  They moved to Easley, in fact they moved two streets over from my childhood home.  I remember many days in their matching old people cars taking us to ballet, art lessons,
t-ball and football practice, Scouts, and lots of Wednesday afternoon/evenings at our church.

When I think about how much time I spent with them in comparison to what Ben and Ian spend with Pam, I'm a little sad.  Given if Pam was local, she also would likely be working full time and would only see the boys weekends.  I don't think she would be the taxi service my grandparents served as for my family.  Still though, when she is gone I will likely regret that she wasn't a bigger part of their lives.  A high school friend bought my grandparents house and the last time I was down he invited me and Brian over.  The boys were incredulous in how close we lived to our grandparents given the one or two times a year they see theirs. I was overjoyed to see my friend Mark's kids again in Ben and Mary-Hall's home as I have so many great memories in their home.

Friday, our soccer practice was canceled due to a wet field.  Bill had worked almost every night last week until after 9 or 10 at work on a deadline, so Friday night knowing the same was coming, we picked up dinner out, came home and basically crashed after walking the dog and getting ice cream.

Saturday, Ben had a soccer tournament and Ian, Little Kickers Practice.  For Ian, the end of season was met with a medal and free doughnut coupon.  He is moving to the league Ben has played for in the U5 program this fall.  He seems to love soccer.  Maybe it's just all the running, regardless. I love his expression looking down.

When Ben's team was eliminated early, I decided to take the boys to the "Gotta Be NC" Festival.  Think all the best of the bigger NC State fair without the crowds or admission but all the awful fair food and primo people watching.  I headed out for Bill to get some work done from home and not have to head back into the office over the weekend. It was a PERFECT day to be outside with no humidity and 72 degree, sunny weather.  I love some NC spring almost summertime.

The boys picked hush puppies and cotton candy, I snacked on roasted corn.  We went to a BMX bike competition.  We rode rides a plenty.  I'm typically the purse holder at any amusement park.  Ben seems to take after me. Not surprisingly, Ian wanted to go on anything that of course he was not old enough to do that involved spinning upside down.  The boys took great pride in the two times we rode the giant spinning strawberry ride and were chanting, "make mom puke" at the top of their lungs.  As we stood in line watching those in front of us, Ben was scheming on how to get the best rotation for puke sake.

Before we left I let each boy pick a game to play, knowing I was about to loose 10 bucks on more total crap we didn't need.  Isn't that a whole chapter in parenthood, the one entitled, "I'm secreting loathing this moment, but I'm doing this for my kid."

Sunday Ben had an all day chess tournament and took 3rd place in his group.  Bill took Ben while I watched Ian and worked in the yard.  One of the places Ian and I went to buy flowers had mechanical horse to ride as part of a playground area.  I let Ian ride while I was nearby, and of course he rode the horse in nearly every way possible, minus actually sitting in the saddle.  When he escaped away from me when we went to another area of the store, I quickly returned and found him talking to a man asking him to restart the horse. When I pulled him aside with a mini Come to Jesus meeting about not 1. wandering off and 2.  talking to strangers,  his answer, "I said please when I asked him."  This kid is killing me slowly.

Sunday night I hosted some mom friends over to enjoy slushy drinks on my newly cleaned porch. It was a nice way to end a busy, but also good weekend.

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