Monday, June 2, 2014

May Wrap Up

Did someone locate my month?  Seriously, wasn't it like Mother's day like yesterday?  How can Father's day be in like a couple of weeks?

May was busy.  Crazy end of school busy which is a whole different level of busy and tired. Friday night I came home, did the lazy mother dinner of "do your own thing" aka let's eat whatever mom can scratch together and call it a night.  After getting the boys in bed I laid down in all my work clothes before heading downstairs to clean up the kitchen.  The next thing I knew it was 6:30 am and Ian was waking me up.

During May 2014 I/we

- Finished spring soccer with tournaments, trophies, and end of season celebration.  Both boys are playing for FC Cary this fall after much happiness with the coaching and organization.
- Child-free overnight during memorial day weekend while Bill took both boys camping. I fell asleep reading on my porch which is this side of Heaven.
- Finished two books good books, Defending Jacob and A Call to Action- Jimmy Carter
- Cleaned and powerwashed all porches and subsequent reward of new summer plants.  Sadly my hydrangeas were partially killed by the winter cold and snow.  No ongoing arrangements for me this summer
- defaulted on celebrating Mother's day due to a vomiting kid. The Duke Lemur Center to be visited on Father's Day along with the summer Durham Food Truck Rodeo.
- Last minute decision to attend Listen to Your Mother 2014, good call for time well spent.
- Weekend trip to 3 Bears Acres.  I should get a kickback for how many times I've recommended this place to locals
- AP Exam review and actual Exam, public policy research project at NC State, read and graded 60+ research papers, all DONE.  My reason to come to work everyday is in the bag for another year!
- Arranged flowers for a friend's 40th birthday celebration.  While a lot of awesome happened in May, the time I spent making something that brought me pure joy was not only a highlight (along with a fun adult party) but also my favorite picture of the month.

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