Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tales from the little potty-Book 2, Volume 2

Has it really been 7 months since I posted anything about potty training trials with Ian?  Either I'm super lazy or with child two or instead of thinking I have to meet some great golden schedule in the sky have been so much more relaxing about the end result.

Over the weekend two major things happened with the littlest Vinson

1.  We moved Ian into a toddler bed and out of his crib.  No judgement on the fact I kept in behind bars so long other than there is security in knowing where he is at night. Cue to last week when during quiet time the sound of running led me to find him climbing out.  

2. Ian stayed dry almost all day with minimal accidents.  He is using the potty multiple times throughout the day and waking up in the morning not soaked.

We have been working with his teachers to make sure we are using the same methods as well as being consistent at home.  Ben is also all too happy to show him how to use a big potty and frankly had been a big help in the encouragement department.

Some of the most supportive people have been his wonderful, amazing teachers at his daycare.  One of his teachers makes him paper airplanes for good behavior as well as draws smiley faces and hearts on his hand for potting.  I am beyond grateful knowing that Ian is loved and cared for during the day by incredible people.

*Note Ian loves drawing smiley faces himself, such as this beauty from the driveway. 

So where are we? Still on a long road to ridding ourselves of diapers.  I recall that I erroneously believed that once Ben was pee potty trained that the other would just happen.  18 months later and lots of frustration I know understand that it will all happen in good time. Did I mention I'm not looking forward to age 3?  What a horrible age from Ben. 

Does this mean that I want him heading to kindergarten in diapers?  Obviously not, but unlike Ben who I felt it was some personal mom failure that he was still in diapers closing in on age 4 I'm not seeing this as something to stress me out.

One more pictures of my baby.  In motion, running up the what he calls "Ian way" or whenever he can find a ramp to beat me to the door.  *Note blurriness, as any other mode would not be appropriate.

Check out that smile :)

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