Monday, February 11, 2013

Quick check in

Oh hi February, I didn't notice you were 11 days old already.  It's been busy with lots going on both at work and home.  Some good (Ian's made real progress on the potty) and some not so good (lots of negative from Ben at home and from school reports.)

I have a meeting with his counselor alone later this week after multiple conversations with Ben's teacher about some ongoing issues including catching him in a lie that has been going on since early December.

On the work front I'm teaching US History this semester for the first time ever in a 13 year career. I feel like am a "big kid" getting to teach the hardest, most comprehensive subject in our department but the trade off is lots of outside work prepping and frankly relearning a subject that I love, but don't know the ins and outs to teach.

Also on the positive is I've continued on a roll with choosing reading over mindless tv watching at the end of the day minus a couple of series.  I'm closing in on 10 books and it's not even two months into the year.  I picked up Mudbound on a weekend trip with the boys to the library and am already 1/2 finished.   I've been downloading books for walking the dog.  Most recently I finished Behind the Beautiful Forevers- Katherine Boo and am about to start the Dovekeepers-Alice Hoffman.

Here's to possibly being back later in the week with a February love list, pictures of a new mom bag that I should have bought years ago, and whatever is going down of note.

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Beth said...

Yay for U.S. History! I took AP U.S. history my junior year and we used to tape record the teacher's "lectures" just to make sure we didn't miss anything. I wish it wasn't so much work for you, but it keeps you fresh, right? On the home front, kudos for all the reading. And hang in there with Ben. Wish that were easier, too. Keep fighting the good fight! Hugs to you.