Monday, July 30, 2012

Tales from the little potty- Book 2, Volume 1

Do you see what I see?

As Ian is talking about a potty, wanting to flush any and all public toilets we are moving into potty training, Take 2.  We renewed his favorite potty book so many times that we finally bought a home copy.  This summer is all about some potty awareness  including letting him sit whenever whether clothed or not on the little potty.  Since we have been consciously tracking over the past couple of weeks weeks he's peed on the potty twice.

Unlike the almost 2 year battle to train Ben I am trying a much more relaxed approach.  I'm hoping that once back in regular daycare in late August that their efforts along with ours will help Ian along.

I'm hopeful that during book 2 of these potty diaries never to write the following sentence, "Like a bear in the woods my child sh*t behind a bush." Remember from Tales from the Potty, the Leather Bound Edition when  Ben graced me with not one but two nuggets of parenting gold?  Actually upon re- reading this is one of my favorite posts ever.  I'm glad I gave it the 2 friend test and published a keepin' it real parenting moment.

Tomorrow Ian and I are going to meet his new teachers and take his supplies/forms as he will be there all next week while I'm in Kenya.   While I'm not expecting anything in a week time frame I do hope that with the positive influence of other children as well as supportive teachers that some progress this upcoming school year will be made.

My God have mercy on my soul as well as my patience.

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Ms Mae said...

ah the fun that is potty training. My littlist just went thruogh this in the past 2 weeks. She is completely trained now and ready to go to preschool wiht her sister August 20. SO excited to be out of diapers/pullups!