Monday, February 25, 2013


Friday sucked so, so, so much.  Like stopped by Trader Joes to buy myself flowers in the pouring rain bad.   I walked out with $100 bucks in unplanned groceries.  Note to self:  don't buy groceries when you are pissed off or you will talk yourself into trying everything new.

Friday night we got the boys to bed and watched several weeks worth of backlogged Daily Shows and ate cookies.  Lots of cookies.  Romantic, you bet, especially when I realized I slept in my work clothes Friday night.  Again.

Saturday it was cold and rainy but we had plans with the boys so we tag teamed and sloshed in the rain. Bill did a Lego build and I did an art class with the kids. Bill and I went out for his birthday to Melting Pot. It was super yummy and we had more than .912 seconds to discuss the wrap up from the two parent meetings about Ben and a new med trial starting this week.

I read a book by the fireplace after watching Good Wife which can I say is FINALLY back to being good this season. Seriously who cares about a fight with the trustee guy from the Birdcage week after week.  Give me Will people.

Sunday I did church, the grocery, library, then took the boys solo over to Durham Science and Life.  Sunday was sunny and gorgeous.  I always make a deal that each boy gets to pick 2-3 must do things and then we budget time to make sure hit those activities first.  We wound up staying until they closed and I brought home some wiped out kidos.   Isn't this sweet.  Note that about .912 second later they were engaging in some WWE smackdown behavior.

Later I caught up with some friends for a belated dinner and then headed home to watch the Oscars. Quite a Meh experience. That is unless you love singing.  Good God.  Can we please stop? When did the 2013 Oscars become a tribute to the movie Chicago?  Am I crazy or didn't that movie come out like 10 years ago?

Worst was a toss up between the cast of Les Mis ensemble sing off and Babs performance of "The Way We Were."  I'll note that I was forced to watch all Barbara Streisand movies with my mom.  I can't think of one person who will ever convince me that Les Mis is a good use of 3 hours.  At least some of the movies and actors I was rooting for won.

None involved singing.

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LauraC said...

Hey, will be interested to hear how the new med goes. Shoot me a summary of Friday when you get the chance, hoping things at LCD are trending upward but sounds like it was baaaaad.