Thursday, February 28, 2013

February wrap up

February 2013

* I posted this picture earlier, but it was my favorite for the month. Indicative that I have to find any moment of sweet/funny/kindness in the day because to not is to start crying.

- Major potty training success
- Watched all of season 1 of Homeland
- On book 4 for the month.  Mudbound was the favorite read in February
- Semester has kicked into high gear with lots of late nights/weekend work, in general paddling to stay afloat
- Big freeze ahead weekend session to last until the end of the semester
- Started the house purge of all baby/toddler items with a spreadsheet of what needs to be donated/sold
- Dr appointments for wellness/screenings
- Brian and Bill's birthdays
- Managed to meet up at least once with each of my groups of friends for dinner
- Volunteered with Ben's class to teach about Presidents
- Several "snow days" i.e. school schedule was wonky, kids played outside just enough to get it out of their system without loosing power or make up days
- Saw a classical concert by myself and loved every minute that I wasn't coughing up a lung
- Transitioned Ian to a big boy bed and paid dearly with lots of nighttime wakings in the wee small hours to find Ian roaming
- Did an art class with each boy with an end result I want to hang in my kitchen to remember that all days were not a wrestle mania/Power Rangers sword fight cry-fest
-Speaking of Power Rangers, can now emulate Yellow Ranger's opening credit dance moves

* Note, only a 2 or 6 year old are impressed with mom abilities.  I'm not so sure that the 6 year old wouldn't disown me if I did them in public.

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Beth said...

OMG--"can now emulate Yellow Ranger's opening credit dance moves"--this is awesome! This 40 year old is uber impressed and I definitely want to see it! LOL. You can't NOT want to recreate Power Ranger moves as you watch that show!