Friday, February 22, 2013

Love List February


1.  Teachers who love my kids even when they act like total tools.  Both of Ian's teachers have reported lots of ugly toddler behavior this week. Big positive is he is making progress on potting.  Every time he potties one of his teachers draws a smiley face or a heart on his hand.  Love this and thank them for their literally dirty work.

2. This outfit from White house, Black Market.  I almost didn't buy the dress as I thought it was too short.  I remembered I had bought some super soft black legging from Gap Body so I paired them with the dress (black, white, purple, and khaki) and some cute flats from Nordstrom.  This outfit is the closest thing I have to wearing pajamas to school.  So comfy!

3. OMG these are SO good.  I told Bill that I didn't want anything for Vday but mentioned that I had bought the boys' teachers Ghirardelli salted caramel chocolates but hesitated on these for myself.  Bill came home the next day with a package with a big red bow attached.

4. This new restaurant in Cary.  Can we say brisket burritos with fresh salsa verde + margaritas not an unnatural shade of green.  Throw in the salsa trio our waiter comped us and it is a new favorite.

Taqueria del Sol is now open!  Check this place out if local.  It  is across from Noodles in Crossroads Shopping area. 

5. Upcoming Academy Awards this weekend!!!! For the first time in a while I've actually seen several of the movies in a real movie theater.  Even though Lincoln was like porn for this history teacher, I'm betting on Argo.  This movie had everything:  suspenseful engaging (TRUE) story, dark comedy in unexpected places, and did I mention the super cool late 70s clothes and lamb chop sideburns on the men.  Oh yeah baby, fashion that looks good on no one, even a shirtless Ben Affleck.

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Carrie77 said...

Love the outfit, it looks really comfortable. I can't wait to be able to wear dressy sandals again.