Friday, February 15, 2013

Project Runway-An Occasional Friday Series, Bag Swag edition

I have a friend who once her youngest was potty trained tossed her giant mom/diaper bag in place of a cute, fashionable purse.  If ever there was a prize for mothers to no longer have to change diapers on nasty bathroom changing table, a new purse is a catalyst.
I thought I would shoot for the same goal and with Ian making progress in the potty department had started looking around at a replacement for my well-loved and well worn Haiku bag. 

Let me tell you a little about the well-worn aspect as this bag was purchased when Ben was weeks old.  It has gotten me through many a stroller ride, zoo visit, multiple 1400 mile Florida road trip solo with the boys, lots of nasty has been cleaned out or on this purse.  I have loved, loved, loved this bag. 


It started smelling like all the places we've visited with a public bathroom being tops on the smell list. I started only carrying my wallet and phone only to leave both on a store counter leading to a mad dash upon realization. 

While we were in Atlanta I borrowed Bill's Osprey bag that he carries to work. Instant bag love.  So much so that I tossed aside any notion I had of a fancy designer purse and went for a special order to get my favorite lime green shade in a smaller version. 

I cannot rave enough about this bag.  It has pockets galore, a comfortable shoulder strap, a side pocket for a water bottle.  It's deep enough to fit my on the go lunch box for the boys including two more water bottles.  It even a deep pocket perfect for a book or Kindle on the back.  I haven't lost my phone or wallet once since carrying it.

Better yet after walking away from a group of people I'm not leaving behind the lingering fragrance of Chanel Number 5.  More appropriately, Urinal #1. 

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LauraC said...

Urinal #1!

Crazy bc I remember when you bought that purse. Many miles since then.