Monday, February 18, 2013

Yet another reason to love him

Before dawn yesterday my brother was bound for Miami to connect after layover for a flight into the capital of Guatemala.  For the next week he will be working with a medial team partnered with a rural, outpost hospital with the intention of performing just under 200 surgeries.

When Brian told me he was considering joining this team but had major reservations about being out of the country for the first time I told him he HAD to make this happen.  I knew that the chance to be part of something so life changing was worth any hesitancy.

I hope this week my brother stays safe, healthy, and is able to use his talents as a surgical scrub nurse however is best needed. I talked to him last week on his 35th birthday and passed on some thought on last minute items to pack.  My last thoughts to him were how proud I was of him for choosing to give of his time and heart. I am praying that he will return safely with stories and memories to share.

I'm posting one of my favorite pictures of him that makes me smile, from a after college trip to the Rockies.  Everything I love about him is written in his smile.  He is happy and full of life.  I hope that same spirit serves him well this week.



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Carrie77 said...

I am glad he chose to go, I would have done the same by encouraging him on this once in a life time opportunity!