Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Wrap Up

January 2013

-Rang in the new year with old friends and illegal SC fireworks
-At the 1/2 point in the school year with an impressive massive reduction in my failure rate after a trying and head-banging semester
-Finished 5 books, a record for me
-Restarted a fitness program with a personal trainer.  While I am way behind where I once was, I'm going several times a week again.  It is a place to start.
-Managed to see a movie involving stadium seating over my couch
-Decision made about traveling to Kenya over the summer
-Was able to volunteer in Ben's classroom
-Kinda had the flu
-Taught Ben the rules of Monopoly and played countless games of Candyland with Ian
-Celebrated a great 38th birthday at the beach

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