Monday, February 3, 2014


After being housebound with our major snow event, we spent a bulk of the weekend outside.  From snow midweek to 65 degrees yesterday, hello NC weather.

Friday night my old neighborhood bookclub met.  The host had picked Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walters, which once again I was the only person who liked the book.  Really?  The food was amazing as was the chance to get out of yoga pants and my well beat up UNC sweatshirt and into some real clothes.  See, all wasn't lost on trying to defend a top 2013 book.  If they trash Wonder, my book up next month, I swear I am not reading another book for this group this year.  I will only go for the food and the company.

Saturday I went to kickboxing and quick grocery run + errands.  Later, Bill and I did a date afternoon to see Gravity for a one week re-release at our local IMAX.  We had missed it last fall and I wanted to see it before awards season.  Not knowing the ending helped keep the tension going and oh boy does Sandy B rock it like a hurricane in some t-shirt and boy shorts action.  She is how old again?

After getting the boys we headed to a friend's family- friendly birthday party at a local Irish Pub.  Normally I would be not thinking "Irish pub" and "family friendly" belong in the same sentence, but alas our friend's spouse had rented out the back room.  The host had taken his love of Slim Jims and Scotch to new decorating heights.  We let the boys try a Sasquatch meat stick.  Take a wild guess who said, "nasty" and who polished off a giant "flamin' hot" variety in .912 sec.

Sunday we did church, library, haircuts, a walk with the dog, and bikes outside.  Bill and I traded time so I could attend a local chamber orchestra performance in the afternoon.  I swear other than the three kids nearby looking o-so-bored with their grandparents who had so obviously drug them to a cultural event, I was the youngest in attendance.  It was great concert despite the ironically named "hipster baroque event."
Believe me the only "hipster" this early bird special group had going for them was the desire not to break a hip just walking in.

Sunday night our neighbors came over to watch the Superbowl until halftime.  As am admitted  non sports person, I was there for the food but really didn't care who won the game.

It was a good weekend, relaxed with both nights with more than seven hours of sleep.  I told Bill that in my old age I cannot do it on less than 6 hours of sleep.  After a week basically at home, I'm starting to say that I can't do it on less than 7 hours of sleep.  Maybe I was right in my element on the whole "early bird special" crowd.

Happy start of February-

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Ms Mae said...

I finished "Where'd you go Bernadette" and loved it. I also finished Wild by Cheryl Strayed and now want to go backpacking. Too bad it is -20 here.

I have Beautiful Ruins on my kindle and just need to set the time about to read it.

I need to join a bookclub. Much easier to do at -20. :)