Friday, January 31, 2014

Wrap it Up- January 2014

For the first 31 days of 2014 much has been done including lots of days off from work.  We are on day four from being out of school after around 3 inches of snow in the Raleigh area.  No worries that I've had a four day vacation.  As I have to pay back the days, I've been at work with kids in tow anytime the building has been open. Luckily my daycare has been open for some of the time as well and my principal has been flexible about allowing us to come in later than our normal start time given child care.

As we now are eating into our Spring Break and I have to have written permission from my principal to take my own personal days, including a monetary deduction for the sub, I am ready to be back at school.  It is not like the College Board is going to let me have an extra week to cover the material I have to cram in before the AP exam in early May.

Enough bellyaching, at least I didn't spend the night in my car on some road, even worse if my kids had been stuck with me or all night at their school. My mother in law in Birmingham spent the night in her office as she couldn't get home.  Been there, done that in January, 2005 on my 30th birthday no less, when the school didn't call an early dismissal resulting in a 7 hour gridlock drive home.  It was awesome, NOT.

So what have I been up to this month.

-Celebrated the last year of my thirties with a Mexican fiesta complete a Mo' Money pinata, hats and moustaches, brunch with biscuits, and a trip to our favorite local park
-About to finish my 4th book of the month.  Oh yeah, didn't I have some plan to update GoodReads more?
- Met up with Uncle Brian at the NC Zoo with the boys
- Dinners out including Ethiopian and Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen to celebrate other friend's January birthday
- Got back in the saddle with exercise.  This week alone I've done a weightlifting class, kickboxing class, ran the track with Ben two days while showing him how to use the rowing machine and TRX system.  I'll take his, "mom, you are so cool to know how to do special push ups" as a compliment.
- Saw THREE, count it THREE movies in a real movie theater in prep for awards season.  I'll add that Amy Adams boobs deserve an award for best use of double stick tape. Wolf of Wall Street is the worst date night movie ever due to the amount of T and A including seeing Jonah Hill's junk. I owe Matthew McConaughey a huge apology for ever thinking he was just a hot bod with an accent as syrupy as sweet tea. Between Dallas Buyers Club and his new show on HBO, goodness gracious that man can act.

What is on board for February?

Meeting up with a high school friend for a mini-girl's spa overnight trip
More books and more HBO binge watching before it is gone
Planned meet up with Uncle Brian to visit the Carolinas Aviation Museum

And yes,
at some point getting back to work involving student attending. classes.

My favorite picture from January, what happens when you tell your kids, "I don't care what type of pinata you pick, I'll love it."  And I so, so, so did!

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