Friday, February 21, 2014

February Love List

Ahh February... shortest month of the year and so far a second winter blast.  Yes YOU Winter, are making the Love List.

1. WINTER- Sheer joy that is building snowmen, snow motorcycles, snow racing tracks... you get the picture.  Three and seven year olds don't see missed work to make up, bundles of wet clothes, the potential for car wrecks, or cabin fever, they just see FUN. This second round of winter weather was perfect for packing into snowballs for a monster neighborhood snow battle. Does it help my feelings that the last three missed school days are being made up with a single converted early release day? Does it defy reason that there seems to be a slush fund of hours student HAVE to make up that have suddenly been produced?  I don't care, we will have a full week of Spring Break given no more weather related absences.

Can I get an AMEN?!

2.  "Special Bath" With more time at home we took a "special bath" several nights to warm up cold bodies. It is pure joy when I turn the whirlpool jets on is crazy amounts of laughing from the boys.  I keep finding Ian in our bedroom many a night buried under the covers after sneaking out of his own bed. When I asked why he is again in our master bedroom, the answer (usually sleepily), "I like looking at the special bathtub" which is visible from the bed when the bathroom door are open.  

Three year old logic, for real. 

3.  Cupcakes, especially those from Sugar Mama's.  I'm heading out of town tomorrow and guess what is going as a hostess thank you... you guessed it.  I told her to surprise me with a variety knowing whatever flavors included will be a little bit of dessert perfection.  My friend Eileen, the owner, recently celebrated 500 likes on her FB page.  I couldn't help but comment that I am so, so happy that this is a dream realized for her.  

4. Winter Olympics- Ben is obsessed with watching events on fast forward the day after.  Snowboarding?- Yep,  Ski Jumping?- Why not,  Bobsledding?- I've seen Cool Runnings?  Family movie night?

5.  Uncle Brian!!! We are 2 for 2 in 2014  monthly meeting up in a mutual New Year's resolution to see each other more. Sunday's trip to Charlotte was perfect, a leisurely drive over, lunch at a kid friendly venue, and then almost 3 hour of chatting and making sure Ian didn't escape onto the tarmac.  We also celebrated Brian's 36th birthday with what else... cupcakes!  Next month we are renting a condo in Boone and are going snow tubing before the season is over.

I love, love, love this pic taken on his fall trip to SF.  He oozes awesomeness!

6.  Friends who hijack other people's Facebook posts.  

While snowbound my high school girlfriends responded to the following innocent question, "where do you go in Greenville (SC) to find a prom dress" with the following thread.  Mostly these are all inside jokes between us that have lived on thanks to social media.  Today's memories brought to you by memories of a prom date that had to open his sunroof to fit uh... someone's high early '90s hair.

Even more awesome is that we are meeting up tomorrow at Melissa's lakehouse for a planned overnight meetup as three of four of use have birthdays within one month.  On the agenda?  Facials at a local spa, deck sitting with expected warm weather with cocktails in hand, and lots and lots of reasons that nearly 40 year old friendships rock.  

Thanks February, you really were a month of love even if most of it was enjoyed frozen.

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