Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Spring Break Sponsorships

Starting a little mini-series today.  We are out today with what appears to be around 4-5 inches of snow at Casa Vinson.  This makes day 5 of missed school due to weather.  Given the road conditions and the expected icing over tonight, my guess is we will return on Monday.

The snow was predicted to start midday and unlike the snow event of two weeks ago, it came on hard and fast.  At 12:30 pm there was a few flurries, but by 1:30 it was treacherous driving.  Bill took a big one for the team and took Ben to work with him for a few hours. Basically he found an empty office, raided the employee kitchen for snacks and let him play his DS for a good 3 hours.   I picked Ben up just in time to get home before the snow really kicked in.  Sorry boys, when I dropped the F bomb in the car screaming at a driver trying to make an illegal U turn IN THE SNOW!  

Ian's daycare graciously opened up during the morning so in he went for a few hours while I plowed through work that came home in anticipation of weather. At this point our spring break is effectively gone.  We were already eating into the week we had at the end of March after the last weather event.  With this snow we will get the Friday and maybe the Thursday of Spring Break but most likely the rest of the week is now going to be make-up days.  By state law we cannot take convertible days off so just calling in sick is not an option.

I went ahead and contacted my MIL to let her know plans to meet her in Atlanta during the week were off. Due to her job, she has to be available at the end of the quarter and cannot take takes off past the Wednesday of Spring Break week.  I promised we would come earlier that our usual August to see her in Florida and that in the meantime we need to make more of an effort to FaceTime.  The boys practiced being singing valentines today during the many hours were were inside. My intention is to call Pam Friday since I missed getting Valentines in the mail to her.

So in the best possible light of trying to make the best of the next days home I'm bringing you a mini-series of Spring Break sponsorships.  Today's Spring Break Day has been brought to you by the discovery of the
Air Bud Franchise of movies on Nextflix by the boys.  I watched the first one with them, but I HAD to excuse myself to other pressing things like cleaning pee off the floor from 3.75 year olds with bad aim.  As far as kid movies go, this was not bad, just CHEEZY and the mom I swear has made the circuit on some bad Lifetime movie about a predator I'm still trying to forget.

Happy Snow Day (s).  I hope you are staying warm, your loved ones are safe, and you are watching an endless supply of movies about dogs with superhuman capabilities.

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