Friday, February 28, 2014

Wrap it up - February 2014

 A busy month filled with some non-busy days due to the snow.  One of the things I love about snow days is that outside life stops, no 5:15 am wake up calls, no rat race days rushing to pick up at schools, just time to play and be lazy.

So what went down in the shortest month of the year.

- Finished up round one deadlines for summer teacher institutes/workshops
- Read three books including two audiobooks
- Two trips to Charlotte
- Met up with Brian at the Carolinas Aviation Museum
- Met up with high school girlfriends for a overnight spa weekend
- Three snow days spent sledding, snowman building, watching the Air Bud franchise
- Saw two Oscar contender movies in a movie theater
- Did two date nights and a family birthday celebration for Bill
- Made the first cut for the 2014 Raleigh-Durham Listen to Your Mother Show. I had to decline an audition spot as I could not commit to the required table readings if I made the final cast.  I would consider resubmitting next year and will for sure plan to see the show in May again.  So good!

Favorite picture of the month, from round two of snow and ice.  Kids love snow in a way no adult can.

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