Friday, February 14, 2014

Spring Break Sponsorship Day 3 - You Sweet Thing

Ben and Ian woke up to Valentine's Day cakes.  Be the awesome mom I am... ahem... let them eat them for breakfast but then refused when they were going bat sh#t crazy just trying to get clothes on them to get out the door. Since school was out again today for both boys we decided that we would venture out for a bit and get out some energy.  First stop, a local bounce house for the first slot and least germfest time of the day.

Today we also sent out a couple of special Valentines.  First up, since I didn't manage to get Valentine cards to my mother in law before the snow hit, I decided that we would send a video card.  It just happened that over the Christmas holidays I found a box of old letters including a elementary V Day box filled with old Valentines from what looks like 3rd or 4th grade.  I just couldn't toss them so I showed them to Ben and we decided to use them to write messages to Grandmommy Pam.

I found an easy to sing (for Ian) song online and we practiced.  This is a screenshot of the final result:
I intended to post, but Bill reminded me that since we used commercial music in the background we didn't want YouTube to take it down.  Alas, we sent it privately to Pam.

Since today is ALSO my brother's birthday I decided to also create a similar video card for him as well.  I had to personalize Brian's card with lots of inside jokes and the worst cards of the lot.  I personally liked this one:

The boys and I are heading to Charlotte Sunday provided the snow continues to melt to meet up with Brian to celebrate his birthday plus visit the Carolinas Avaiation Museum.  Happy Weekend all, may you dig out from the snow and enjoy some time back in the real world.

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