Thursday, February 13, 2014

Spring Break Sponsorship- Day 2- Cold Hands and Warm Hearts

Today's Spring Break day brought to you by a full on traditional snow day.  We spent an enormous amount of time outside sledding, building a snowman, walking the dog to the neighborhood lake to watch the ducks walk across the ice.  I shoveled the walk, porch, and driveway and declared any calories consumed had been burned off.  We made homemade chili and Valentine's treats and drank way too much hot chocolate.

Most of the afternoon was spent working on a surprise Valentine's Day event for both Grandmommy Pam (since we missed getting actual Valentine's into the mail) AND since it is Brian's birthday tomorrow I opted to make a similar surprise for him as well.

Here's a hint......

Like my 1980s Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, and Garfield Valentines? They are the real deal from a found homemade V Day box made in elementary school.  Goodness knows why I still had them mixed in with some old birthday cards.

Tonight, I am refusing to do anything related to school work and am watching the final episode of House of Cards to get ready for tomorrow's premiere.

Seriously, this is the only Card I want on Valentine's Day.  Porn, people.  Political porn I tell you and so, so good.  I could watch this show for Robin Wright's killer style, but add in a plot line worthy of a Shakespearean drama, and I'm all in.  


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