Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Almost Wordless Wednesday- The mini Don Draper edition

What to you get when you take 21 seven and eight years old producing goods for an Economics fair?  Ben's choices using his classroom money:  bookmarks, a blue boat made of Popsicle sticks, a fan, multiple rainbow loom bracelets, homemade crayons, a key chain, several pictures including a classmate that was selling them BOGO! I love a seven year old entrepreneur!

The paper plate on the left is a "bad dream catcher."  Ben went into intricate detail about how it works and how we needed to hang it by a string over his bed.  I also loved the white triangle in the top left corner that was a "claw."  Nothing says 2nd grader than someone peddling claws for sale.  Ben was especially proud that he sold out early with some kids buying 2 of his LED throwies at a time. He told the slogan he created and was saying as people came by his desk to draw them in.  He asked if we could use up the leftovers to make a few more to give to his friends in other classes.  Thanks 2nd grade teacher team for sparking some creativity and some pint sized Mad Men.

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