Friday, December 7, 2012

Project Runway- An Occasional Friday Series

Thanks friends who have played along with my adventures in new wardrobe building in 2012.  A year ago December as I was gearing up for my first surgery I could have never believed how I would feel a year later.   This is not to say everywhere I go is a fan gently tossing my hair as I radiate sunlight, but I have confidence in my appearance that I've never had before.

Case in point something I bought at the Raleigh Jr. League Christmas Shopping Spree earlier this fall.  I year ago when I saw this vendor I vaguely remember saying to my friend, "yeah, I bet even AFTER my surgeries I couldn't wear that." When the same vendor was there this year, I headed straight to the dressing room in hopes I was wrong.

Eating my words with this tunic and leggings combination.  So comfy. Each time I've worn one of my students have commented.  I *hope* they are not really saying in their head, "she needs to wake up and find her mumu, she is too old for that look!"

I also paired the same leggings with the denim dress and scarf from Gap.  Every time I wear this I feel like someone is going to out me for stealing a look top to bottom from a store mannequin while waiting in line to pay.

Another thing I've been trying to do is recycle summer clothes into fall/winter outfits.  I took a frequently worn shirt and paired it with dark denim and a cute, girly jacket along with some chunky jewelery.

Per the dress that I proclaimed that I would "wear the hell out of" I'm still finding new ways to wear. Including this low slung double wrap belt.  Love it.

One of the few things I really want to do before the year is out is go shopping.  I have yet to do a big trip to the mall just to browse and have relied on lots of online shopping in 2012 wardrobe building.  Something about juggling work and kids has eaten my time!

Sadly I still have gift cards from last holiday that I haven't used.  There are still several items I would love to pick up including a casual jacket to layer with cords or jeans, new flats, tall boots, a patterned shirt or tunic, and some skinny jeans in a fun color.

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Carrie77 said...

Love your fashion runway posts! ;) I am so into scarves right now... I am always cold, so that is a plus, too! I love ALL of these looks...I really need to get some wrap around belts to wear with some of my dresses.