Tuesday, December 4, 2012

BEST part, I didn't have to agree to an inflatable

Exhibit 1

Best use of a Groupon EVER. 

For $100.00 a local landscaper bagged 26 bags of leaves, planted 3 shrubs, took out a small tree, finished up some trimming I had abandoned when my ladder wasn't tall enough. 

Exhibit 2

Go back and look at the picture closely.  Do you see an inflatable Santa?  Polar Bear?  Santa riding a Polar bear?  Santa emerging from an outhouse (V boys personal favorite.)


Unlike last year when I had to promise Bill that if he raked all the leaves he could get an inflatable for the yard.  When he didn't follow through, no inflatable. 

I beat him to even thinking this offer was valid in 2012 with the whole, "pay someone else to do it."

I win on all levels. 

1 comment:

Beth said...

Oh the wily ways of women! Score one for Heather! I always think of Ralphie's parents in A Christmas Story when I think of you and Bill arguing over yard decor. LOL!