Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pullen Park Holiday Express

One of our favorite places to visit throughout the year is Raleigh's Pullen Park.  It has GREAT playgrounds, a train, boats, even a restored century old carousel.

During the holiday season the park is decked out in lights and includes Santa, crafts, and Locopops.  Oh do I LOVE Locopops, a local popsicle maker with lots of seasonal flavors.

We hit Santa first to try and avoid the line later. Luckily while we did have to wait a short time, there was a open field for the boys to chase each other.  I *should*  have cared that they would dirty themselves up including the Christmas tree stencil shirts I made from this source.  So easy.  Like an hour before we left I made them easy.

After Ian escaped away from us while standing in line at the train, only to find him minutes later several yards away watching a giant TV projection of Frosty the Snowman we called it and headed home.  Oh toddler years, oh 1/2 year transitions, how I love you so.

Not really.

I did manage to get one decent picture of the boys with Santa.   I can imagine their conversation with Santa went something like this:

Dear Santa, "we would like a helicopter, a train, cars upon cars, also a Disney monorail. Basically if it has wheels just park it under the tree." 

xoxoxoxo V-boys

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Carrie77 said...

Its not even time for lunch yet, but you have me craving a Locopop now! Sounds yum! Sounds like a fun time.. love their tree shirts!