Thursday, July 19, 2012

Exit Through The Gift Shop

There, I'm done with all Disney cynicism because we had a wonderful time.  Of course with a toddler in tow as well as frequently whiny Ben not all moments were filled with Disney magic.

Bill and I worked together so we each had time alone with each child, each picked favorite attractions to either ride swap, or in some cases gave each other time alone.

We toured all four parks plus added Blizzard Beach water park.  This trip we opted to fly over driving or taking the train which gave us essentially an extra day.

I give Bill all the credit for planning the trip, staying again on site at Port Orleans-Riverside.  He also took care of all of our dinner reservations including the for the 1st time the campy Hoop Dee Do Review and the Luau at the Polynesian.  We also opted for some familiar favorites at Ohana, Garden Grill, and Biergarten.  If you've done WDW dining you understand it is a feat to get optimal times especially during peak season.  

Instead of taking our camera we used the Disney Photopass system and using a pre-vacation special essentially paid for any pictures we would have bought anyway.  We won't have our digital copies until end of month, but never fear we caught some pictures of the trip on our phones.

Florida forecast:  hot, sunny and 100% chance of cuteness

In each park we made sure we spent time on the "playground."  Needless to say the Boneyard at Animal Kingdom was a big hit.

Mom was adamant that we had to ride her favorite ride, Midway Mania at Hollywood Studios as many times as possible.  This is an insanely popular ride, all Fass Passes are gone within an hour or two of opening and without you risk a 2 hour wait.  I literally RAN to get tickets.

Pay Gold!  

Seriously, how to get me to agree to go back to Disney?  RIDE THIS RIDE!  Even the waiting area queue is awesome and filled with giant replicas of favorite old school toys.  Don't tell anyone but I cried at the end of Toy Story 3 when Ben and Ian... sorry Andy :) goes away to college.  

One of our secrets to staying cool and looking like the middle aged parents were are:  HATS!  Mine was an Africa trial run.  Bill opted for channeling Indian Jones, kinda.

We often split up with someone taking Ian back for an earlier bedtime and someone staying with Ben see the parades and fireworks.  I love this picture of the Illuminations show at EPCOT.  Ben made my glow necklace, then asked to wear it.   Indian Giver.

When asked what was their favorite thing:

Ben- driving a car at the Tomorrowland speedway

Ian:  any and all chances to get wet including fountains, spray park, and of course the kiddie waterslides

Bill:  The motherload of all Star Wars memorabilia. Add riding all the roller coasters with little wait being a single-rider.

Heather:  Seeing the electrical parade.  Nothing says childhood like the opening bars of that 1970s cheesy electronic music.  Admitting more misty-eyed nostalgia was in full force.

Thank you Bill for once again planning a great trip. While I still don't own a Disney t-shirt I'm going to admit that being in the kid mindset for a straight week was just awesome.  


Carrie77 said...

We are planning to do a Disney Cruise and then just hit Disneyworld for one day next year. I CANNOT wait to take Autumn on my favorite ride as a kid- Its a Small World!!! I'm also going to be in Orlando in Nov. for a Disney race and have yet to figure out what princess to be... I love Disney! I have not been on Midway Mania, tho, but have been to Hollywood Studios a couple of times! Love his R2D2 drink holder!

Beth said...

I am SO calling Bill when it comes time to plan our Disney trip. You look so great and happy in all your pictures lately. Thinking of you as you gear up for Africa!