Saturday, July 7, 2012

Choosing Dumbo Over Tyler Durden

I once said I would rather hang out with Tyler Durden than Dumbo and while that sentiment has not really changed, I must admit I’m getting excited to leave on vacation over the weekend. We are again heading to Disney World.  I beg to differ that it is “the happiest place on Earth” as I could make a good argument for a deserted beach with a butler and an open bar.
But having kids, better yet being married to a bigger one, Disney is about as family friendly as you can get.  We figured that being the last year Ian is “free” that why not take advantage of what has proved to be two successful past family vacations.   Everything about a Disney trip is designed to maximize making things easy for families. 

Bill is the master Disney planner and managed to shave close to a $1000 in discounts using a Disney Visa.  We are doing a few things differently this trip and frankly after going previously we have down how to do Disney.   I’m almost a little ashamed to mention this is our 3rd trip in 5 years given the economy as well that this time next month I’ll be as far away from commercialization as possible.
Major changes for this trip include adding a water park day, the Luau at the Polynesian, Mickey’s Backyard BBQ and Musical Revue, and a night at Downtown Disney at the giant Lego store.  We are using the WDW Park touring apps to help with crowds and wasting time (and patience) in lines. 

We bought the boys these awesome ID bands from RoadID. We’ve been talking rules and how Bear Bucks will work on vacation.  Without jinxing ourselves, but Ben’s behavior on the 3rd med trial has been amazing.  He’s been a big helper and an extra set of eyes for an increasingly fearless Ian. 

I give Bill all the credit for planning this trip from start to finish.  Other than packing he’s taken care of every l detail.  I’ve already offered to do naptime with Ian each day as well as taking meltdown return to the hotel duty.  I’m all over reading a book in the cool or taking a daily nap. 
The boys are beyond excited, even Ian who loves Mickey Mouse Club House calling him “Mick Mouse.”  Many of the Pixar and Disney classic movies have made the rotation into family movie night.  WDW bound for a week of fun. Besides where else will I ever pull off this outfit? 

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Ms Mae said...

LOL at the outfit. Looks like a lot of fun. Someday I will convince my husband to take a trip to disney...his idea of vacation is going camping for a week. Don't get me wrong I like that too but Disney is a blast! Cant wait to see how it goes and how Ben does with meltdowns now that the new meds are working better.