Monday, July 2, 2012

Golden Girls Lakeside

Some of us we met because our mom brought a 6 month old Heather along to meet a 3 day old Laura.  Other relationships formed when we were in Brownies together or because we had playdates including our
brothers.  We went to preschool-12th grade, summer camps, as well as church.  Our moms drove carpool, taught the others piano, was our scout leader, was the cool mom for sleepovers. 

I'm not even sure where the name "Golden Girls" evolved, other than the TV show's characters fit our teenage selves imagined Senior versions. Bets on who I emulated? Did you say Dorothy in purple 80s stirrup pants, well you would be correct.  

From Senior cut day Hwy 11 bridge jumping (and stupidity) into Lake Jocassee

To 18th birthday surprise celebrations at the "Jockey Lot."  Don't ask, it's a SC thing.

We each went our own ways to colleges in different states.  We went to graduate schools, got married, had kids, became thirtysomething adults but kept up first in cards/letters or through our parents, then email, now Facebook and texting.    

How else to spend a sultry 105 degree day then at Melissa's lake home chating, eating, boating on Lake Norman, hanging out with our kids and spouses.

Big thanks to Bill for helping me keeps tabs on the boys. Ian required one adult at all times on him like a hawk.  I really liked this pictures of us, just before we braved the raft to be drug behind the boat with Ben. Ian pretended to drive the boat. He was obsessed with Todd's boat.

Just like last year, mom wiped out again on the raft.

Thanks Potter, Linker, and Worthy families for spending the day with us catching up just where we left off.

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Carrie77 said...

I have a Brownie photo that looks very similar to that. And, that bridge jumping photo looks SCARY!