Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Leaving for Kenya

Tomorrow I'm leaving after nearly 9 months of preparation for Kenya.  Most of Thursday and Friday will be spent flying and in layovers, including a 12 hour stint in London.  I'm hoping and praying for good traveling conditions as well as the health of our 12 member team. 

We will reach Michura, a small village of 1,500 situated on the mountains that overlook Lake Victoria near Uganda by Saturday morning.  Our team will be continue work on a clean water project collaboration between the organization 410 Bridge and Crosspointe Church, Cary NC.  Already this year two teams have traveled to Michura and more trips are planned as this is an ongoing partnership. I originally thought I would be doing physical labor, but upon finding out that school teachers were among our group, we were asked to split our teams with some of us working with the village children.

Each day I will be teaching and working with the 6-7 year old primary school students in the morning.  Our afternoons will be spent in the community living and working alongside a family to understand their culture, traditions, as well as their daily life tasks.

On Sunday all four village churches will come together for a mass community worship celebration and later that afternoon I and one of my teammates will be leading the community women's bible study.  The pictures I've seen from past teams show the Michuran people living lives much like ours with emphasis on family, relationships, care of children and the want for a rich, full life.  

From  past team members I've heard how humbling it is to be among their community with all focus on just our small team.  It seems surreal to me how in just a matter of days that the community, and especially the children, will adopt you as extended family.

There is one child I am especially excited to meet.  Meet Siprin, a beautiful twelve year old girl our family has pledged to support her educational expenses through secondary school.  One of the ways we communicate is through Rafiki mail, uploaded messages on whiteboards that are printed and carried into the village through the Kenyan contacts with the 410 Bridge. 

This has been a great way to connect my own children with my planning and preparations as well as help them understand why I will be gone. The boys made Siprin pictures and I will leaving a photo of my family in hopes we will continue to communicate.

We will leave Michura next Thursday and will stay overnight at a safari lodge outside of Nairobi.  All hopes that we will be able to take a planned sunset safari before we begin the journey home on Friday.

It is not by chance that the 1 year anniversary of my mom's death passes while serving in Michura. I can't think of a better way to honor her memory than giving from my heart. My mom was a long time piano teacher as well as director of the children's choirs at my home church. I know she would be moved that we/I are serving the children in the Michura community. 

Thank you friends for your help in making this trip a reality.  Thank you for not only your financial support but your emotional and spiritual support as well.  My heart tells me this is only the 1st trip to Michura. Something within me knows what lies ahead in the next 9 days will change me in more ways than I cannot imagine.  

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LauraC said...

Dang! I missed commenting until after you left! I can't wait to hear how the trip went!