Thursday, May 24, 2012


Since I had the day off to deal with several appointments I took the opportunity to volunteer with Ben’s class.  Bill and I have been very fortunate that despite both having full time jobs once a month one of us has been able to volunteer and have lunch with Ben. 
We are almost a full week into the first medication trial.  Yesterday I was able to observe first hand how much better his concentration was in literacy centers. Instead of us normally having to finish homework once home during the 5-7 pm dinner/bath shuffle he finished.  He actually even finished EARLY and had free choice centers. 
Granted this is the first medication and because this version is time released when he crashes, he does hard with uncharacteristic sobbing and ramped up arguing.  I’ve been solo parenting most nights due to Bill’s work so needless to say I’ve been seriously tired.  Ben is still having noncompliance issues with the first hour of the day being argumentative with the teachers in specials (art, PE, music.)
When we meet back with his pediatrician we want to address if extended release versus multiple day dosing would address these issues.  Side effects have been a mixed bag and long term we will work to accommodate.
As I was about to leave yesterday his teacher pulled me back to her desk and said that everything from the contract at school, the task list at home, and now adding the mediation has helped beyond what she could have imagined so quickly.   
I regret that Ben’s kindergarten year and start to his time in school has been so hard for him. It breaks my heart to see how much he has tried and failed over and over this year.  Part of me wishes we had not taken until spring to start a med trial. 
On the flip side I’m also glad that we worked through the process because we are not medicating in a vacuum.  The in and out of school behavior strategies are a solid base to carry into summer and into a new 1st grade this fall. 
While it’s been difficult for us and his teacher to manage and try new methods and strategies, it’s been most difficult for Ben.  For the first time consistently this year he feels good about himself and his choices.    
This is a WIN WIN situation, especially as Summer Camp Mommy is about to start.  I’m taking away that this entire year has been a process to unpack with Bill and I in agreement over how to proceed.  
I’m driving the boys over the holiday weekend to see friends at the beach.  I’ve already warned our host that we are in the middle of a med trial.  She quickly reminded me that she is contributing twin toddlers and that together we will be 2 moms and 5 boys under the age of 6.
 All bets are off for a LOUD weekend. 
Happy holiday weekend all. 


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LauraC said...

SO GLAD you are seeing success. It is amazing progress from everyone in just a year!