Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Picking up where we left off

Sometimes friends leave you better than they found you. 
I can definitely say this of the decade plus relationship our family has had with the Hunter family. 
I’ve written before how two novice teachers thrown into the deep end of the pool established a friendship that has spanned babies, moves, deaths, and many a teaching story. 
Over the holiday weekend I drove the boys down to stay at Laura’s mom’s beach house on Oak Island,NC.  Want to talk about a Mondo dream, design the blueprints for your own beach house to include an elevator.  
Between our 5 boys under the age of 6 was a LOUD but amazing time to catch up. 
One of the things I love about our friendship is we just pick up from the last text, Facebook comment, or someone driving through town.  
Big thanks to her husband Mike who proved he is a twin + 1 dad with the best. Within 30 mins of arriving we had hit the beach with kids in tow for an afternoon of boy craziness. 
Ben and Eli were fearless in the water and played for hours on end together.  Ben now wants Eli's prized possession, a giant plastic chain used for oh so many activities.  

Ben's confidence was at an all time high, as was behavior until a packing the car to leave meltdown of epic proportion. 

Try not to break out into Michael Jackson's "Who's Bad" at the perpetually shirtless Ben and Eli.

Toddler Twins Leo (as well as Max and Ian) oscillated between snacking, digging in the sand, and getting close but not into the water. Did I mention snacking? 

3 sand covered toddlers = 3 very happy boys.  Tell me those matching bodysuits with flames are not the bomb.  

This entire family has a positiveness and resilience that is contagious.  An hour conversation with Laura inspires me not to settle for complacency in my classroom, with my kids, or even with my marriage. 
Serious props to Laura for not only being her district teacher of the year but also K-12 Social Studies Teacher of the year for the ENTIRE State of NC in 2012.  In her role she will serve on the teacher advisory panel to our State General Assembly.  Is anyone embodies grassroots ability to mobilize, it’s Laura.   If anyone can bring attention to a current detrimental education Bill #795 before our state Senate, she can.    
Thank you Hunter family for sharing your home with us as well as your lives.  We are all better for knowing your amazing family. 

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