Thursday, May 10, 2012

Like the sun on my face

***I'm been sitting on this post for about a month and today feel like releasing it to the universe***

As we head into Mother's Day weekend with the first of four events rolling out this afternoon with the boys. I am very excited how we are spending the upcoming holiday weekend. More to come, but today will involve a giant box of toothbrushes.

From mid April 2012:

Someone stopped me Monday back at work and commented on what I was wearing. They went on to say I looked happier than they ever remembered. I am.

I'm happy not just for being comfortable in a new body for also for what just feels like a lightness beyond weight removed.

I thanked them and didn't elaborate that yes while a MAJOR piece of this happiness is physical it is also so much more.

I think part of it is wrapped up with setting boundaries with my time/work/sleep and then not negotiating. It's recognizing when negativity is becoming a default or stopping a trigger before is envelops me. In all honestly not being torn about making the drive to SC as caretaker is a part. Maybe getting starting the week in a meaning place where come mopping the floors I find myself thinking about something that stuck.

What this co worker really doesn't know is at 37 I feel better in almost every way than I can remember. As much as this year has had difficulty, I feel like I am walking in sunlight more days than I can remember.

I saw this piece on 60 minutes recently. Out of destitution has been created beauty. The last 3 minutes or are joy inducing to see and hear beautiful music being played under the most dire of circumstances.

Everything about this segment is hopeful, beautiful, joyful.

Make that Joy.Full.

I'll answer that I feel the same.

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