Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day (Full) Filled

I have been preparing for upcoming mother's day as it would be the first without my mom. I didn't want sadness or regret to eat away at the weekend so I started thinking about a way I could honor her as well as set an example for my boys.

It was happenstance that a friend told me about a pay it forward event with her kids organized by her church. Perfect timing. Over the week leading up to mother's day weekend I planned several family events.

Event 1: My college friend Michelle celebrates her daughter's adoption each year by sending a large package of toiletries every mother's day. I asked if the V boys could help put together a donation of toothbrushes, toothpaste, and kid band aids. Ben was overly concerned the kids wouldn't understand how to use a toothbrush, so he included directions.

Event 2: Our local SPCA hosts a Pet Pals club that allows elementary students to volunteer and learn more about taking care of animals. We took an donation of paper towels, hand sanitizer and enjoyed playing with kittens and puppies before leaving.

Event 3: Volunteering with the NC Food Bank. We bagged cucumbers and then MORE cucumbers for local agencies. We were excited to find out that Kid's Saturday is every month, thus making our big summer list.
Event 4: Sunday we celebrated at a local park feeding ducks, playing on the playground, eating ice cream and taking out a paddle boat. We paid it forward for another family to enjoy the boats before we left.

Over the week Ben and I talked about doing for others in the context of loving our friends/family. We talked about how doing nice things for people, even if we don't know them personally, is a way to show our love for them. We talked about ways we can make volunteering our time a part of family activities.

Among the gifts included a bouquet of flowers from the just blooming hydrandras in our yard, a secret package containing a heart and message beside my bed from Ben, a new frog aptly named Mr. T for our pond, and a message that a donation in my mom's name had been given by my MIL to the American Diabetes Association.

I was speechless and my heart was full. Even on this bittersweet day I was surrounded by love.


Carrie77 said...

What a beautiful Mother's Day weekend you had, paying it forward. Love it. And, also love the picture where he's holding up the bag of cucumbers!

LauraC said...

What a wonderful way to pay tribute to your mom. So glad you had a great weekend!

John said...
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Katie said...

My favorite post yet! Love and blessings my friend! See you tomorrow morning!