Monday, May 21, 2012

Driving by

A quick check in given it's been a week and I've been MIA to returning emails, voicemails, basically anything requiring communication outside my immediate family. 

I'm still here, just been buried under a lot of end of year school work and ongoing issues at home.  No issues of the horrible bad sort, just of the time-consuming, emotionally draining type. 

Last week wrapped up of 8 sessions of family therapy and started the first medication trial with Ben after a lengthy pediatrician visit.  The jury is still out after only a few days on med 1. We go back after a full week to consider another strength or option. Much of the last couple of months feels like one step forward and two back as we try to figure out the pieces to the puzzle.

I don't regret a minute that we are doing this now and not banging our heads for another school year.  The positive is that Ben is very proud of his good decisions and is quick to point out when we catch him being good.  I'll also add that in the most bizarre of ways working through some hard parenting has helped Bill and I partner together in other areas. 

Back later this week, maybe.  Keeping us in clean underwear is tops as priority, so is wrapping up my school year and helping Ben end his in a positive place.   

Thanks for continued good thoughts that we are working towards a measurable goal for our family. 

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Beth said...

Thanks for checking in! Been thinking of you guys.