Thursday, May 3, 2012

April Fools'

April 2012: returning to work post surgery 2, lots of behavior issues with Ben, an abysmal teacher conference, starting family/behavior therapy, extra work obligations for both adults, fighting with the state of SC to close my mom’s probate case.

You could say that the whole month felt like an extended April fools' joke.

Luckily I said no to several potential time sucker obligations, budgeted my time once home to maximize what had to get done, and so many nights called it early and just went to bed.

When I made my time a 2012 priority, April was successful.

May is already looking good on the planning front. We have consensus about the med trial, meeting with the summer tutor planned, ass-kicking awesome mother’s day weekend upcoming, school is winding down and I am not, repeat NOT working in any capacity, and probate is scheduled to close at the end of the month.

In light of a almost year long probate of my mom’s estate, Bill and I have revised our wills, set up trusts for each child with guardianships should we die before they are of age. Yesterday we signed off on all the paperwork and wrote a large check for the peace of mind not to saddle our kids with a mess.

Some many times in April being the parent or adult in the room was painfully obvious. I pray that decisions made will payoff. With May already rolling along I feel good that with April behind us, the summer is on the horizon.

Our annual big summer family fun list is in the works and with Ian a year older and able to do more, summer 2012 is looking good.

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Beth said...

Sorry that April kind of sucked. But clearly, you have handled it all with strength and grace--and your kick-ass sense of humor. And you have lit a fire under my ass to get our wills written and to establish guardians for the boys. Can you believe we haven't officially done that? Anyway, my favorite part of your post was where you said "NOT working in any capacity" this summer. Love it!