Friday, May 4, 2012

An Occasional 2012 Friday Series: Project Runway

Summer weather is here!

What better to battle 90 degree days than dresses? I’m not much of a girly girl but I love some swishy skirts and dresses on a hot day. This week I wore the following dresses and paired with the earrings I recently made.

From White House, Black Market, a store I have long been waiting to finally be able to fit into their clothes this gem. A whole store of just black/white clothing, I’m waiting at the door folks.

From Target for a total cost of under $30 for the scarf and dress. This navy dress with surplice neckline is super versatile and super comfortable. Today I paired it with giant hoop earrings and sandals. I’ve already worn it several times and have plans to pair it with leggings this fall.

Then the motherload: the much sought after maxi dress. I pair it with a little white cardi for school but out of school it was perfect for a recent date night.

I think this is my favorite item I have bought post surgery.

Not that I’m advocating for a slo-mo cat walk complete with a fan blowing when I enter the room but everything about this dress makes me feel amazingly confident.

***Note the straight hair in a couple of the shots. I’ve been blowing it out straight every other day. I’ve gotten faster and not washing my hair daily buys me a little more sleep***

Cute (straight) hair and more sleep? Double Score.


Carrie77 said...

I really need to try my hair straight again sometime soon. Not sure if I should wait till after the high humidity days of the summer, tho! I LOVE White Black store but only have one dress from there and its a formal (bought it for a cruise but wear it to musicals somex). I really love your Target dress in the middle, too!

Kim said...

I LOVE the maxi dress!

Kim said...
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Beth said...

Gorgeous Heather! I love, love love the maxi dress, too. Yay for new dresses!