Monday, April 2, 2012

Super Short Check In

Thanks everyone for modes of communication while I've been horizontal bound. The short story is that the surgery went well and I'm feeling better every day.

Other than channeling Jack Torrance not leaving the house, I'm good and all plans to continue to rest up and heal up all this week. Bill is back at work today, the boys are in camp and daycare. It's quiet, so I'm in heaven even if it's drug filled.

Today is the first day I could officially get drains removed. All hopes for a "come on in and let's pull those babies out." Odds on "play again tomorrow, let's give it one more day."

Either way thanks for continued good thoughts. I'll add anyone thinking of doing a breast reduction, talk to me first. After I finish hooting and hollering at the results I will tell you it hurts like a mo fo.

Heading to sit on the porch and work on this 25 page intake form for Ben's appointment later in the week over this ADHD diagnosis.

Probably good I will still be on meds at that appointment alas showing up with a cocktail in hand and telling the pediatric psychiatrist to bring it might lead her to diagnose Ben with more problems than just attention. How about a bat sh*t crazy parent?


Carrie77 said...

Glad everything is going well and you are making a quick mend!

Ms Mae said...

Happy to hear it all is going well. My mum had a similar surgery and agrees with the hurts like h*ell part :)

Beth C said...

Laughing hysterically at this post! Glad everyday is better. Good luck with the ADHD appointment. They would only diagnose you as a crazy parent if accompianied by that cocktail and high on meds you came in with a camel 100 hanging on your lips! :)