Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Post Op Check In

Super busy week with teacher conference, meeting again with the psychiatrist about Ben, working a benefit concert for Kenya fundraising, doing a class. Busy.

Thanks folks who continue to ask how I'm doing, or in some cases tell me quit doing _____, are you nuts? Keep calling me out on overdoing it.

I'm still in major recovery mode at three weeks out today. I'm really, really tired and going back to work a week ago was a mixed bag decision.

Good in that I am now not having to play catch up with work. All feelings that a sub would have butchered this unit and I would have been stuck reteaching and then being behind until the end of the semester.

Bad in that I hurt. Badly. Everyday last week it became harder and harder just to move. By midweek all the energy I had was gone and I was beyond exhausted. Bill is on a release at work and working late almost every night so I've been solo parenting at night.

I could give you the most jacked up word problem involving at what time can Bill still get home and Heather still take painkillers and still be functional leaving for work.

The answer: 10 pm

This week is better as I really tried to take it easy over the weekend. All incisions look good. I have about the same amount as before, around 30 inches that have to be taped daily for the next 3 months. I also have to wear compression shorts (think super tight bike shorts) that are becoming uber hot as the weather is turning warmer. I was released to buy a bra which after a good hour of bra shopping last weekend I'm the size I hoped to be long term.

When I went to the 2 week follow up with the surgeon last week he couldn't believe how active I already was and once again referred to me as a "wagon train kinda gal". I think if he uses this phrase a 3rd time, I'm making it my epitaph.

At this point I wish I could say I'm completely done, but for lack of a better phrase there is some clean up nip and tucks that need to be finished up after 6 weeks out. All be done in office under local anesthetic with only a day out of work.

I have a fairly high pain tolerance, frankly I'll admit to being a bit of a pain junkie who for some certifible reason has long since equated phyical pain with reaching some type of goal. With this set of surgeries I've been in severe pain. Simply because of where these scars are it is inevitable that siting, walking, and lifting just hurt.

I'll once again say what a good decision it was to do these now 4 procedures. I feel like a walking advertisement for my surgeon's talent. These results look better than I ever imagined and the confidence that came with being on the other side is worth every penny and bit of pain now.


LauraC said...

Oh honey, I stopped LONG AGO even trying to tell you to stop overdoing it!!

Carrie77 said...

Glad you are doing well, Heather. I think you have been so brave, and it is paying off! And, soon, you can just enjoy the results!