Monday, April 9, 2012

Because Gandhi is a crazy long movie

Back at work today. No need to get in the what is wrong with you, what happened to taking another week, do I need to slap some sense into you line.

I would if I could, BUT with only 4 sick days left for year I need to hang on to them in case of infection, one additional outpatient procedure, the boys sickness, or if I can swing it a hooky day to surprise Ben at school to volunteer.

Since I'm mobile, off pain meds, and able to drive AND all my sub plans are complete, why not head back.

I will be taking it easy, not adding anything to my plate this week, and taking care of myself.

Really. No need for I told you so.

We had a wonderful holiday weekend and for the most part I feel back to normal. Thanks everyone for your continued good thoughts and support.

You can send me some good thoughts all week as I sit through Gandhi as we kick off a unit on Imperialism. It is a CRAZY long movie that kids actually like. That seems crazy on all levels. At least it buys me a good 30 mins in each class to be off my feet which I will take full advantage.

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