Friday, April 6, 2012

An Occasional 2012 Friday Series: Project Runway

I've never been a big shopping kind of gal. Basically with 10+ black tshirts I have a go-to outfits that all include, you guessed it one of the ten.

While couch bound I've been shopping. A lot. Like had to preface the conversation to Bill as, "since I worked out free shipping why not buy what I want and then return the majority."

Since I feel remotely human again I took some time to have a little try on show. By the end I had 4 new outfits ready to roll.

*sadly none included the cute dresses from Old Navy fit and even with different sizing the styles just didn't look good*

Up first my desire for some cute summer skirts

I LOVE this skirt and think I might be able to pull off leggings with it in the fall. I have two maxi dresses also on order from this same vendor. I might cry if neither look as good as they do in my dreams. PS this skirt is a MEDIUM!!! Hello haven't seen that size since Jr. High!

I found this jacket on clearance and still think I need some help finding ways to style, but for now I paired it with white cropped pants and hello a NEW SMALLER black tshirt (like I wasn't going to replace some of my stash)

Lastly was what I was wearing yesterday. I love this chambray shirt. Kim K of My Style Challenge totally nails how this can be a wardrobe staple. Something tells me she can give me some more ideas on this (and that gray jacket).

One more.... Was totally playing around looking at dresses from Rent the Runway and found this beauty. I love every single thing about this dress. Just imagining my body just wearing something so beautiful makes me smile.


Carrie77 said...

I LOVE the skirt in the first photo, it has stripes. Did you get that at Old Navy? I want it! You look so cute and healthy! Glad you're feeling so good. And, I haven't done any Spring shopping for myself, but I think I need to soon!

Goddess in Progress said...

Super adorable clothes, and you look AMAZING. And more, than anything, happy. ROCK ON.

Kim said...

So exciting! I can definitely help with styling ideas.

Ashley Baker said...

You look so great! Can't wait to see the results in person in July. I want to know where you got the cute black and white skirt too!