Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday tradition

Thanks for supportive thoughts both here as well as those posted to me privately. While we don't plan to play out every decision we are making about interventions/treatments publically it helps to know we have support on our side. Giving voice to how this impacts our family through writing seems to give worry an outlet.

On the positive today I want to share something I do with the boys most every Friday after pick up. We started it last summer as a weekly trip and we kept it going throughout this school year.

We hit up the library for new books, hang out in the amazing kid’s area reading a couple of books from the little chairs. Ben loves to check out all the books at the self service kiosk with Ian nearby helping me stack the books into our bags.

I won't lie this trip usually involves fishing the boys out of a back room that has a stage that they love to jump and roll into the floor. Luckily the library an hour from close on Friday is usually dead.

Once home we make a single batch of cookies or brownies to enjoy over the weekend and then play outside until Bill gets home.

Friday nights are typically family movie night with easy dinner, popcorn, and whatever we made that afternoon to enjoy. we've starting letting the kids stay up one extra hour on Friday nights in return for a 7/7:30 Sat am wake up. So far minus DST changes it works.

As much as I've written about struggling with Ben of late, these types of traditions are what I want to look back and remember. It is what I want the boys to remember about growing up in our home.

Lazy weekend ahead and after a stressful week all hopes that by Monday we can start fresh for a better week.

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Carrie77 said...

Love your Friday tradition! I think I want to do something like this during the summer.