Monday, April 16, 2012

Urgent care and birthday cupcakes do not mix

See the cute cupcakes in honor of Ian's two favorite things:

Elmo and saying the word B-ball with single finger pointing to our neighbors goal repeatedly.

Listen as I recount the frantic lunchtime call from Bill recounting that the boys got into a fight at Target and he thought Ian's arm was potentially broken.

Bill: Hearing screaming in the background. Are you home? Can you meet me at Urgent Care, I think Ian is badly hurt. Ben bent Ian's arm backwards over the cart and hit it with full force and possibly broke it.

Bill is NOT calm as I try to get him to tell me where he is and if I need to come to him or does he want to come home pick me up and us assess the injury.

I'm coming home, so we can go in one car or you can keep Ben.

Once home Ian is still crying and refusing to lift his arm. I pull Ben aside and ask him what happened and he admits he hurt Ian's arm but that he was just playing around and not trying to be mean. I send him upstairs until we can check out Ian. Bill is still livid and Ben is now crying.

Any movement in his left arm and he screams even louder. I contemplate calling our ped or our family doctor to see if either are open before we trek it to urgent care.

Somewhere in the midst, Ian has stopped crying and asking for a drink, then strawberries (on the counter.)

His arm does not feel broken or swollen and his shoulder is in the socket. So we decide to do lunch and nap and see if after nap he is still favoring the shoulder.

After nap he picked up a sippy with his hand and lifted it without crying. Another check and no swelling or obvious reason to NOT spend the rest of his birthday sitting in chairs.

We had planned to go out for dinner but opted to play outside, order pizza, and do cake and presents on the porch. It was a gorgeous day to celebrate sweet Ian's 2nd birthday.

At 2 you are wide open, full of energy, have started to string two word sentences together like "Ben, not nice", "here Veg-hus", "Me hid (I hide)". Last week he said his own name clear as a bell. You love to run (usually away from us), give hugs, blow kisses, read books, try anything your brother does. We can usually find at least one Duplo in a pocket at all times.

Ian, you are a gift of light and laughter. I hear your sweet voice, your laugh and you instantly ground me.

Happy birthday sweet blue-eyed boy. Thankfully Urgent care was not part of your special day.


Beth said...

Oh the panicked feeling! Been there--not fun. Glad he was not seriously hurt and that he was able to enjoy his birthday.

Happy happy birthday Ian!

LauraC said...

Happy happy birthday Ian!
And here is to avoiding the first of many urgent care visits that is life with two boys!