Monday, May 30, 2011

May 2011: On like Donkey Kong: Bonus Round or How I figured out how Demi Moore pulled off Striptease.

Back on May 1st I proclaimed this month would leave me either:

1. insanely proud of my ability to deal under lots of stress
2. in a corner crying uncle while sucking my thumb in a fetal position.

While I am equally enamored with to-do lists and the crazy high of 3 am productivity, I know where over scheduled insanity leads. I pulled it off minus a few items and I'm telling you there was some insane work that went down in May 2011.

This list of 17 items was the weekend to-do. Note that only 3 remain including de-greasing a grill. I have skills I never knew I had in all this house prep.

Did I plan to find a new house in the midst of all this insanity? No. Did it up the insanity meter, yes. It also pushed us to list as soon as we could and get this house packed provided everything works out with the closing. And for that, worth it.

Here's the wrap up:

1. Wrap up Spring teaching. Already have turned down extra Summer work commitments in light of maintaining two houses and that during summer the course compresses 18 into 8 weeks. Good Decision and one I'm already not regretting. I SO want there to be pool lounging and good times with the boys to recap our summer.

2. Celebrate mothers day the way I've always wanted, at home. Bill took the kids and I got a boatload of work done. PERFECT.

3. Keep moving with 300 mins or 20 miles/week. Kinda. I logged somewhere around 12-15 most weeks and if I could count all this house prep work I would have killed my goals. I never made it to ONE day of 30 Day Shred. Maybe if the title had been, "30 Minutes More and Jillian will tuck you into Bed"

4. Sleep. Keep a good thing going.. up until last week. Finishing this semester will help immensley get back to the good thing.

5. Get out of the house at least once a week nightly- 3 out of 4 weeks not bad and none of those outings was I sportin' the sun visor that is normally permanently attached to my head.

7. Bust it to get this house market ready by June 1st. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! And I now know how Demi Moore was glistening in Striptease... she stained a deck. Good God Almighty, I'm still finding stain in my hair 48 hours later.

May, you were put on notice for serious productivity and brother I delivered.

Bring it June. I got only one thing on my TO DO list: MOVE!

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Beth said...

You are rockin' it! When is closing and move day? I wish I could come keep your kids for you while you move because it was SOOOOO much easier that way. Ed and I had the whole house unpacked by Sunday evening. Feels good! And I hope you'll love your new place as much as we're loving ours!