Sunday, May 8, 2011

And On My Mothers Day Weekend,

I busted it out with a 120 min workout on Friday. Barbell Strength + 60 mins of Cardio. Man I was tired and sore come Saturday.

Heard back about my December surgery. I have a date with Dr. Troy, finally.

Had a date night involving 4 house walk throughs (one we both loved and may go back again). Hello playroom and bonus room and TWO, I tell you TWO, kitchen pantries.

Talked over the INSANITY of the upcoming week with contractors here every day over dinner at a new restaurant. Logistics of working from home are going to be ROUGH (add to it a mobile baby to contend with this week.)

One final freeze ahead Session with a friend about to pop with a baby 2. Seeing that my mom lost a bunch of the food I had taken last trip due to a power surge that killed her freezer it looks like my lot is spoken for next trip down.

Went to a surprise baby shower where the only way the mom to be would come into the restaurant was being told they were giving away free gift cards inside. Watching her frantically ask everyone at the hostess station from afar was just next to funny.

Packed up and took down everything downstairs in prep for painting.

Settled on paint colors. Sad to see my dining room color go but this kitchen wallpaper can suck it. It looks like 90210 was filmed in my kitchen it's SO dated.

Bought a haul of mastery bathroom fixtures being replaced including new lights, mirrors, hardware to be installed.

Picked out flooring for the kitchen. Finalized work on the porch.

Whew... tired yet.

But wait....

Working on deadline to get 60+ progress reports and individual make up plans sent to my classes, their schools, and parents.

Getting financial stuff together for a meeting with a mortgage lender tom morrow.

Bought all of Ben's birthday party paper goods and treat bag stuff. Also scoped out soccer goals for my mom to give him.

Watched not one but TWO really crappy movies while working on grades. Do not watch 127 Hours or the HBO doc about Jack Kevorkian. You will wish you had a suicide machine or at least those hours back. Really.

Celebrated mothers day by sleeping in until 8:30am ( granted I HAD stayed up until almost 2am working)

Bill took the kids the bulk of the day so I could work on my classes. YAY. They brought me flowers, cards, and best yet

I'm mom to a bonafide TODDLER... Ian took 6 steps in row right before I put him down so I'm counting it as an awesome mothers day gift.

It was a great mothers day. Better yet the best I think I've had. Minus having to punt on outside plans due to rain, I was with my boys and that was just what I wanted and needed.

Love you Ben, Love you Ian. My Cup Runneth over to be your mom.


Katrina said...

Beautiful picture, Heather! Beautiful family!!

LauraC said...

Happy mother's day!
And hey, please send me the link for the house you are considering. DYING to know what you loved :)

Beth said...

Happy Mother's Day!!! Sounds like you got exactly what you needed. And I am so impressed that all you are able to accomplish. Good luck with getting through the house stuff and finding the house that you want. My advice--look at as many houses as you can WITHOUT the boys in tow. We had to bring the boys with us so many times and it SUCKED!!! Anyway, can't wait to see where you will end up.