Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Gumbo with pics

This is the current state of my garage in progress. All hopes for more organization by Monday including staging area by area of the house.

And to think this time last week we were still waiting to hear if the 2nd counter was accepted. In one week we have moved quickly for our loan, all inspections, getting Ben registered at a new school, checking out daycare options nearby.
We are meeting with our agent to list ours next week with a plan of staging the garage with a whole house pack up by close date.

I took advantage of the few hours of being in the new house to also meet up for carpet measuring and our contractor. We now have estimates on painting and some playroom build-ins including a toy/box windowseat/booknook and walling one of the dormers for a secret hide out for the boys.

I've been checking out ideas for playrooms on line and am IN LOVE with some of the ideas. Esp this from pinterest for book storage

It's been a really busy week but much done. I'm feeling a little better knowing we are going to be gone for a week and that things are in motion. Ben has a friend over tonight for a sleep over and Bill's "camping" as in backyard version in hopes of the real deal next month.

Paired my 60 students down to the 15 with a shot of finishing by Wednesday final, final, deadline and have officially turned down all but one summer section of classes to focus on the houses. Yay to saying NO when I normally would say yes and then complain all summer about being stressed. I've also said no to a leadership role for consideration that I just cannot stretch myself more when I and the kids pay the price.

Bill's taking the kids to Charlotte tomorrow to check out playroom storage ideas while I really try to knock out the last bit of work. Thank you Bill!

The best pic of the lot. I knew this was a great house when I saw the porch, the backyard begging of boys to play, and a fulling blooming hydrangea hedge.

When I got to the house yesterday the current owners had left a very nice note and a bouquet from "our" yard. Really thoughtful and indicative of how despite all the craziness of the past few weeks everything is falling into place.


LauraC said...


I know the excitement well!

Carrie77 said...

WOW! You are a busy bee. That is a really incredible book storage idea!

Gillian said...

beautiful flowers!! so excited for you!